1884 : An External Audit Branch was created in the office of the Accountant General,Mumbai in 1884 to audit locally the accounts of certain Department,Trust funds etc Which were not subject to the regular audit of the Account General...

1894 : In 1894,this scheme was extended to the local audit of municipalities in Sind,and to the Municipalities in the Northern Division.

1907 : In 1907,this scheme was extended to other Municipalities,District Local Boards and Cantonment Funds and New Department was placed under an officer of the enrolled list of Finance Department of Government Of India,Who was designated as the examiner of Local Fund Accounts.

1913 : The Department was reorganised in 1913 and the audit of Taluka Local Boards,Civil hospitals and some other accounts was added to its mandate.

1930 Act : Prior to the passing OF Local Fund Audit Act,1930,the Examiner was the auditor for Local Boards vide General Department’s GR NO.273,dt.12.01.1907 and for Municipalities,vide General Department GR NO.2092 dt.03.04.1907.

1932 : The Examiner became the Statutory Auditor for Local Bodies,Municipalities,School Boards and Notified Area Committees after promulgation of the Loacl Fund Audit Act and Notification NO.7679 dt.23.03.1931 and Notification NO.9270 dt.04.11.1932 issued under section 4 of the Act............ Read More


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